SQLyog Ultimate 13.2.9 Crack + License Key 2024 Free Download

SQLyog Ultimate 13.2.9 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download

SQLyog Ultimate Crack

The best way to get quality results is to ask database developers to work in a short period of time. When it comes to your MySQL databases, you don’t want to make compromises, especially when it can result in costly downtime. Get reliable database backups and data synchronization with SQLyog, a powerful MySQL GUI tool that helps database developers automatically compare and synchronize schemas, schedule backups and queries, and more yet. SQLyog also offers administrative support for MySQL, helping administrators easily manage MySQL and MariaDB databases in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

SQLyog Ultimate Crack is a very useful application specially designed to give users the ability to manage MySQL databases through a very intuitive interface. Working with MySQL requires some hands-on experience and solid knowledge. In this sense, developers and administrators have more experience in a specific topic and tools like SQLyog Ultimate are developed. SQLyog is a MySQL administration tool for database administrators, architects and developers. It is also known as a graphical user interface tool that can manipulate MySQL databases.

The desktop program works on all computers running Windows Vista/2008 or later, as well as on Windows Server systems released after 2008. You can use it on MySQL servers 4.1 or later and on all servers of MariaDB. With SQLyog you can create, delete or modify tables, stored procedures, functions, views, triggers and events with built-in HTTP and SSH tunnel security. When you first launch SQLyog on your computer, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to connect to your MySQL server.

You can choose one of four connection options: direct connection, SSH tunnel, HTTP tunnel, HTTPS tunnel, and SSL encryption. Please note that these are priority issues and do not affect the configuration of MySQL servers. Another important step when opening SQLyog is instantiating your database connection. To do this, you need to select New in the connection manager dialog. New ways to establish a new connection. By default, SQLyog creates an instance with shared values such as localhost or root. You can change this by typing a new connection name in the text box. The connection name can be changed at any time, because SQLyog only uses it internally.

This also means that it does not affect MySQL names or links. In addition to renaming the shortcut, you can save your changes or delete it entirely. SQLyog Full Ultimate Version enables database administrators, developers and architects to visually analyze, optimize, document and compare schemas. Working with MySQL databases is not for everyone. It requires a lot of experience and solid knowledge. SQLyog is specifically created for administrators and developers with more experience in the field. This software solution is fully equipped to perform various tasks related to database management. It also combines the best features of other similar programs. The appearance of SQLyog is not affected. All commands and functions are easily accessible through the GUI.

With just a few clicks you can create links or add items to an existing database. You can also use tables, functions, triggers or events. With SQLyog, developers can create new editors, designers and query builders. It also offers advanced data search capabilities. This utility also has powerful data import and export functions. There are several guides for database synchronization and visual schema comparison in the Power Tools menu. With SQLyog, users can schedule backups and other jobs, synchronize schema information, or rebuild tags.

Registered users can easily manage uploaded databases. A spreadsheet diagnostic tool is also available in the Tools section. This program has a unique feature that copies one or more tables from one database to another. SQLyog Ultimate free download is a great option for anyone involved in managing and creating MySQL databases. It has a robust feature set, an intuitive, functional and visually appealing interface, and a solid user interface.

SQLyog Ultimate is a powerful database management software designed for SQL database administrators, developers and data analysts. The software provides a comprehensive set of tools and functions to manage, analyze and optimize SQL databases, providing users with continuous database management. One of the key features of SQLyog Ultimate is its graphical user interface that provides users with a clean and easy-to-use platform to access and manage databases. The software offers many tools and features like visual data editor, schema designer, advanced SQL editor, query builder and more. It also supports several database management systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, and Percona Server.

SQLyog Ultimate Crack is designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of SQL database administrators and developers. The software provides powerful SQL analysis tools, such as plan interpretation, runtime analysis, and index optimization, to help you gain insights into database performance and identify root causes of performance problems. Additionally, the software includes a backup and restore tool that allows users to easily backup and restore their databases.

The software also provides users with advanced security features such as data encryption, SSL connection, and password protection. It reliably protects sensitive data stored in databases and provides complete peace of mind to users. SQLyog Ultimate fully supports data migration and import/export, allowing users to easily transfer data from one of their databases to another. The software supports multiple file formats such as CSV, Excel, and SQL, allowing users to quickly import and export data.

In short, SQLyog Ultimate Crack is a powerful database management software that provides users with comprehensive tools and features to manage, analyze and optimize SQL databases. The software offers a graphical user interface, advanced SQL analysis tools, backup and restore capabilities, security features, and data migration support, making it essential for administrators of databases, developers, and SQL data analysts.

Features & Highlights:

  • A very useful application specially designed to give users the ability to manage MySQL databases from a very intuitive interface.
  • Complete functionality to perform various tasks related to database administration.
  • Links to the best features of similar applications.
  • Developers can add new query editors, query builders, and schema designers that provide advanced data discovery capabilities.
  • Links are easy to create and add various items to your existing database with just a few clicks.
  • You can also add tables, functions, triggers, or events.
  • Graphical User Interface: SQLyog Ultimate provides a clean and intuitive graphical user interface to access and manage your databases.
  • SQL Analysis Tools: The software includes advanced SQL analysis tools that provide insight into database performance, including interpreted plans, execution time analysis, and index optimization.
  • Backup and Recovery Tools: SQLyog Ultimate includes backup and recovery tools that allow users to easily backup and restore their databases.
  • Security Features: The software offers advanced security features such as data encryption, SSL connection and password protection to ensure the protection of sensitive data stored in the database.
  • Data Migration Support: SQLyog Ultimate offers comprehensive data migration and import/export support, allowing users to easily migrate data from one of her databases to another.
  • Multiple database support: The software supports multiple database management systems including MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, and Percona Server.
  • Visual Data Editor: SQLyog Ultimate provides a visual data editor that allows users to easily view, edit and manipulate data stored in the database.
  • Schema Designer: The software includes a Schema Designer that provides users with a visual representation of the database schema.
  • Advanced SQL Editor: SQLyog Ultimate includes an advanced SQL editor, providing users with powerful tools to create and execute SQL queries.
  • Query Builder: The software includes a query builder that allows users to create complex SQL queries without manual coding.
  • Import/Export Support: SQLyog Ultimate supports various file formats such as CSV, Excel, and SQL, allowing users to quickly import and export data.

Synchronize data automatically

SQLyog Ultimate comes with powerful tools to automate and schedule synchronization between two MySQL hosts. Create a job definition file using an interactive wizard. This tool does not need to be installed on your MySQL host. This tool can be run on any host.

Compare data visually

SQLyog Ultimate Crack comes with powerful tools for interactive data synchronization. To compare data sources and destinations, run the tool in server mode before doing anything. Compare source and target data for each row using an intuitive viewer. This way you can decide if and how to sync.

Visually compare and synchronize schemas.

SQLyog Ultimate provides powerful tools for comparing and synchronizing schemas. Compares the differences between tables, columns, indexes, and routines in two databases. This tool will generate the appropriate scripts for synchronizing the schema.

Exporting external data

SQLyog Ultimate Crack provides powerful tools to import and transfer external data from any ODBC compliant data source to MySQL. It has an interactive wizard that allows you to set the parameters. You can save and schedule import sessions and incremental imports using the powerful and efficient features of the import mechanism.

Backup program

SQLyog Ultimate comes with powerful tools to schedule database exports with SQL scripts for backup. You can save selected items to one or more files. Schema or data export can be done separately. While performing operations, the session establishes the necessary connections.

Problem planning and reporting

SQLyog Ultimate Crack comes with powerful tools to schedule SQL queries. This tool creates custom formats and email addresses that contain the results of scheduled queries. This tool can also be used to run maintenance queries. A mutual assistant validates your questions before you make a plan.

Profile questions

SQLyog Ultimate is a tool for profiling executed SELECT statements. This tool shows:

  • Index usage and query performance
  • MySQL optimizer rewrites the query
  • Warning from query execution
  • State variables are affected by query execution.
  • Detailed information about all internal operations related to query completion


SQLyog Ultimate Download

SQLyog Ultimate License Key

What’s New?

  • Improved Graphical User Interface: The software has been updated with a modern and intuitive interface that allows users to easily access and manage their databases.
  • Improved SQL editor: The software’s SQL editor has been enhanced with new features such as syntax highlighting, automatic code completion, and multi-tab support to help users write and execute SQL queries more efficiently.
  • Enhanced security features: The software includes advanced security features such as data encryption and SSL connections to better protect sensitive data stored in your database.
  • Improved backup and restore: The backup and restore functionality of the software has been improved, allowing users to backup and restore databases with just a few clicks.
  • Improved Data Migration Support: The data migration and import/export features of the software have been improved so that the user has an easier and more efficient way to transfer data from one of his databases to another. became.
  • Improved performance analysis: The software’s performance analysis tools have been improved to help users better understand database performance and identify performance problems more quickly.
  • New and Improved Features: SQLyog Ultimate has been updated with new features such as Schema Designer, Query Builder and Visual Data Editor to provide users with more powerful tools for database management and analysis.
  • The PLINK executable bundled with SQLyog has been updated to PuTTY/PLINK v0.77 to support private keys generated in the PPK version 3 file format.
  • improvement
  • In Azure DB, SQLyog returned an “unknown thread id” error when stopping query execution.
  • In Azure DB, SQLyog crashed when a query on another connection timed out.
  • If an SSL connection has the CA Certificate field set to empty, Reconnect with Current Settings and Save will fail and return an error after restoring the session.
  • In rare cases, SQLyog could crash while restoring a session.
  • In an HTTP connection, SQLyog crashed when selecting the “Information_schema” table and opening the “Information” tab.
  • In an HTTP connection, SQLyog crashed when selecting the “Copy all/selected rows to clipboard” option in the Results tab.
  • In MySQL v5.1.x and earlier versions, indexes were not displayed correctly.
  • Importing an Excel file fails when the database collation is set to utf8mb4.
  • Fixed an SSH connection issue that could cause the SQLyog GUI to become unresponsive after switching from read-only mode to edit mode in the Results tab.
  • In rare cases, generated column states were restricted in CREATE/ALTER TABLE UI expression fields.
  • Failed to connect to server via SSH with private key encrypted by SQLyog ed25519.
  • Fixed HTTP connection error with PHP v8.1. The HTTP tunnel tunneler file has been updated in this version and should be replaced on the server.
  • SQLyog generated incorrect ALTER TABLE statements in schema sync with TINYINT(1) data type in target MySQL versions starting with MySQL version 8.0.19 and vice versa.


  • User-Friendly Interface: SQLyog Ultimate offers a user-friendly graphical user interface that provides users with a clear and intuitive platform for accessing and managing databases.
  • Advanced SQL Analysis Tools: The software provides powerful SQL analysis tools such as schema clarification, runtime analysis, index tuning, etc. to gain insight into database performance and help identify the root cause of performance issues. increase.
  • Backup and Restore Features: SQLyog Ultimate includes a backup and restore tool that allows users to easily backup and restore their databases, ensuring the protection of sensitive data stored in databases.
  • Data Transfer and Import/Export Support: The software provides comprehensive data transfer and import/export support to help users easily transfer data from one of her databases to another.
  • Supports multiple database management systems: SQLyog Ultimate supports multiple database management systems, including MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon RDS, and Percona servers, allowing users to manage multiple databases.


  • Limited to SQL databases: SQLyog Ultimate Crack is limited to SQL databases only and does not support other database management systems such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • High cost: This software is relatively expensive compared to other database management tools, making it difficult for small businesses and individuals to purchase.
  • Long learning curve: Because this software is designed for SQL database developers and administrators, the user interface and features can be difficult for non-technical users to understand and use.
  • Limited Support: Some users report limited support options and no response from customer support. This can be a problem when users experience technical issues or need assistance.
  • No cloud integration: SQLyog Ultimate does not support cloud integration. This can be a disadvantage for users who require cloud-based database management solutions.

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System Requirements:

  • With the latest version of Microsoft® Windows® XP*, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.
  • 280 MB for free disk installation, 2 GB for software usage
  • 512 MB RAM for Windows XP and Windows Vista, 2 GB for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Administrator rights to install the program.

How to Download SQLyog Ultimate Crack?

  1. Download the software and run the installation file.
  2. Click “I Agree” to continue.
  3. Select the installation method and click “Next”.
  4. Change the installation folder and click “Next”.
  5. Select the components and click Install to start the installation.
  6. After setup is complete, click Close.
  7. Done! Enjoy it.

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