MRT Dongle 5.95 Crack + Keygen Free Download [Latest]

MRT Dongle 5.95 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download 2024

MRT Dongle Crack

MRT Dongle Crack allows users to fix software errors on Chinese Android phones for free. It is a universal toolbar software that supports Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu and Meitu devices. With MRT Key Dongle Mobile Repair Team, you can easily repair smartphones and tablets made in China. Support MRT tool to easily repair and unlock Android devices in Meta/  EDL/ Download/ ADB/ Fastboot mode. The team is constantly updating the tool and working on many new “first-of-its-kind fixes” to improve everything, and today we released the latest version of MRT v5.52.

MRT Dongle is a tool designed by Mobile Fix Team to help users quickly and efficiently repair smartphones and tablets with various Chinese language functions. MRT Tool supports all methods to reset and unlock Android devices including Meta, EDL, Download, ADB, Fastboot. The team is constantly updating the app with the “first fix” to improve it. MRT Dongle Full Version is a special program to flash, unlock and repair Android smartphones with Qualcomm/Kirin/MTK/SPD based chipsets using Meta Mode, EDL, Download, Fastboot, ADB.

First, download and run the latest MRT setup on your computer, select the options you want, connect your phone to your computer, and click Start. That is all. The latest MRT patch allows users to unlock system lock, remove FRP partition, clear password pattern, unlock/relock bootloader from Android phones like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, Meitu, etc. It can be done in 5-60 seconds. The tool has a simple and easy to use tool with clear instructions for everything. The best part is that you don’t have to pay extra to buy the loan.

MRT Dongle Crack appears to be a performance technology device adapter. This is the smartphone exploitation tool. It can be used on many mobile devices. It may also be an official system that allows phones to be turned on. Both mass speed navigation apps also allow users to lock their own smartphones. It has to be the second most widespread information map in the world to blind and unlock smart devices. The MRT Dongle is successfully unlocked and offers many features, the smartphone seems tailor-made. This client can be reused with existing forms.

MRT Dongle appears to unlock the system at this speed, no special registration password is required. It seems like a very easy tool that many people can use to solve problems. Many repairs can be rejected. The MRT Bluetooth module is now used as a bridge. It can also be used to retrieve information. The value of such a device is destroyed. Iota computers will soon be operational. Another creates open competition to copy customers.

The same MRT Dongle License Key has multiple dialects, which allows him to choose the part of speech he likes the most. It is mainly designed to write and download apps. MRT Dongle also includes direct removal and repair. It even has a hardware driver unlocker that can be used to restore mobile phone apps. The MRT Extender has a very high electrical capacity, which is a tool that Chinese mobile phone manufacturers will use well.

Individual users can benefit from MRT Dongle Keygen even if they don’t need anything edible. Doing business in the same way does not translate into any particular form. That is this function is designed in-house to make life easier for consumers. With the MRT Dongle, you get Bluetooth functions and connectivity. Gotta go on and on. Both methods are widely available and can be used. It is also compatible with various Samsung phones, the most popular of which are Chinese handset manufacturers.

Features & Highlights:

  • Oppo supports Android 11 metadata
  • Flash RMX1821 Flash Init bug fix
  • Vivo Y5s Factory Reset / FRP / Execution Model
  • Add Oppo Reno SE to Factory Reset/FRP/Uninstall Mode
  • Add BK Live to FRP/pattern/unlock
  • Compatible with the latest version of MTK MT6580 and MTK X10 6753/6752/6595/6795.
  • Added Oppo with Base FRP/Mods/Flash
  • MTK reader flash
  • Writing Flash MTK tools
  • Read Qualcomm device flash
  • Qualcomm Flash Devices
  • FRP Reset MediaTek device
  • MediaTek device database
  • Read all MTK engine codes
  • MTK Read mirror thoughts
  • All of MTK’s thoughts are about famous men
  • Account cancellation
  • Root any Android device
  • Added Vivo BK to fix flash and IMEI.
  • Compatible with old MTK 6575 6577 6572 6571
  • Factory reset any Android device
  • Get the latest Oppo and Vivo devices
  • Added support for Meizu and Meitu devices.
  • Huawei added chips =>> Kirin 970, 659, 710, 980.
  • Vivo MTK Add 6765 6771 Write Flash
  • VIVO X21i z3i y83 y93s y91 y91c y81s y3 etc.
  • Added support for VIVO Z5X format (support for locks and accounts removed from users)
  • Basic Meitu T9 V7 support (other mobile phones support individual users and accounts)
  • Added support for MEIZU 16S 16SX Note9 Note8 X8 E3 (Fix IMEI account lock…)
  • Unlock BK Vivo FRP with Flash Repair…
  • Unlock OPPO FRP with Flash Repair…
  • Repair HongMi (MTK CPU) IMEI unlock password unlock flash…
  • Remove Meizu software no flash Unlock mobile phone and Frp coin (account) password with one click
  • It is supported by Aliyun OS.
  • Compatible HUAWEI FRP RemoveUnlock BootloaderReLock Bootloader
  • Removed full LeEco Qualcomm FRP support (for Google id) (without blocking internet connection again)
  • Support X800, X800+, X900, X900+…
  • Kill all MTK Android phones. Even the latest MT6580 or MTK X10 6753 6752 6595 6795 chips.
  • (CPU kits like MTK 6575 6577 6572 6571 were also supported at the same time)
  • Installation is free and downloadable
  • Easy to handle
  • Other features


  • The flop has been removed.
  • Amen to your hair.
  • Remove the pin from the lock.
  • Discover the secrets of your hair.
  • She opened her country hair.
  • Change the IMEI number.
  • You have set your email code.
  • Fixed baseband dropping out.

What’s New?

  • MTK added: MT6768 6765 6885 6833 6779
  • It bought the Huawei 10 connector, which burns with a flash function.
  • Vivo Y12 formats and adds FRP support.
  • Added support for Vivo Y19 and FRP format.
  • MTK 6771 added a new flash IC.
  • years, now you can format Flash… on OPPO F9 Plus <128GB>.
  • MTK VIVO X21i Format Tool Guide Remove VIVO Account and Lost Mode.
  • VIVO QC adds support for Vivo Z1 and Z1i.
  • Xiaomi<mi_Tool> to add deleted S2 account (this is a beta update).
  • Add Xiaomi <mi_tool> S2 Remove FRP
  • add xiaomi (redmi) sdm662 cpu
  • MTK added MT65XX, MT67XX CPUs.
  • MTK MT6290 chipset supports IMEI repair, modding and FRP operation.
  • Meizu Meizu has added tools for lock, FRP and pattern lock operation.
  • Huawei devices have received shock and pattern unlocking solutions, as well as FRP.
  • Xiaomi devices support screen unlock and FRP lock operation.
  • Latest MTK X10, MT6580, MT6795, MT6752, MT6753 support screen unlock and improve FRP and IMEI operation.
  • Leeco Qualcomm models (X800+, X800, X900, X900+) support screen unlock, FRP lock and IMEI repair operations.
  • It supports Aliyun OS.
  • The new update supports OPPO A7X MTK 6771 CPU
  • Xiaomi Update Tools Add 6X/Note 5 Pro Erase Frp and Sta
  • New MTKTools update, Vivo X21i boot only, support all VIVO MTK account unlock and password
  • QC_TOOL Support: XiaoMi S2Y2 Write Flash


MRT Dongle Full Version

MRT Dongle Keygen


OPPO A93 /
F17PRO /

Why you should use MRT Dongle?

Mrt dongle has been highly supported since its inception. But the recently released mrt version is better and easier to use. It brings some new features. On the other hand, it has improved compared to the previous one. The functions of the mrt dongle are as follows:

  • Firmware Check Improved.
  • Google Reset Protection.
  • Improved flash pattern.
  • Newly added advanced security features.
  • FixDL extension operation.
  • Other bug fixes and feature-based changes.


This software includes many useful features for MediaTek device owners. Here are some notable things that caught our eye this week.

bootloader created / resealed

You don’t need an unlocked bootloader to make changes. All OEMs ship their phones with a locked bootloader. You need to run some commands and use some drivers to start the unlocking process. MRT Dongle Key Tool simplifies the process and makes unlocking easy. If you want to return to your inventory and unlock your spoiler, you can do so directly from this tool.

Unlock FRP

After creating the plan, you’ll need to enter your Google credentials to sign in the next time you start. Behemoths of Silicon Valley incorporated FRP. However, in some cases, users may experience a problem or two while trying to access their Gmail account. This is where the FRP base comes into play. This will allow you to unlock the FRP of your device.

IMEI repair

Modifying or modifying a MediaTek supported phone and deleting the EFS manager may result in loss of IMEI number. The said partition contains all the important IMEI numbers without your knowledge and changing it can cause a lot of problems. And no more. You can set IMEI quickly with MRT dongle key tool.

Aliyun OS support available.

Aliyun OS is a Linux distribution. Many open source projects for Android smartphones. However, the underlying operating system is not properly supported and Internet users may encounter the policy. It could soon be history. MRT Key Dongle Tool supports all Aliyun OS devices, so you can perform the desired operations on Aliyun OS devices.

Various support equipment

This device supports almost all major OEMs using MediaTek chipsets. Famous smartphone brands such as Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, HongMi, Huawei and LeEco have benefited from this technology. Older CPUs like MT6580 or MTK X10 6753/6752/6595/6795 and MTK 6575/6577/6572/6571 are supported.

MRT Dongle Keygen:





MRT Dongle License Key:





Supported Platform:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

How to Use?

  • Download and extract the MRT dongle installation file to your computer. These steps are followed;
  • Then install MediaTek, Qualcomm and Huawei USB drivers on your computer. Otherwise, your Android device will not detect the device.
  • Huawei / FRP Screen: Open MRT Key Tool > Go to Huawei Tools Tab > Connect Device to Fastboot Mode > Select Reset FRP > Click START.
  • Oppo/FRP lock screen: Open MRT device key > go to Oppo tab > select Oppo model > connect device to EDL/Flash mode > select FS format > click START.
  • Vivo Screen/FRP Lock: Open MRT Key Tool > Go to Vivo Tab > Select Vivo Model > Connect Device to ESL/Flash Mode > Select FS Format > Click START.
  • Lock Xiaomi/FRP account: open MRT key tool > go to Xiaomi tab > select Xiaomi model > connect mode in ECL/Flash mode > select FS format / reset MI account > press START.

How to install?

  1. First download and extract the Setup file on your PC
  2. Now download the MRT Host file
  3. Copy the MRT Host file to the extracted MRT folder
  4. Then extract the Host file
  5. Now Run Host as Admin permission
  6. Then Run MRT tool as Admin
  7. Wait for a few seconds
  8. That’s it.

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