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ManicTime Pro Crack

ManicTime Pro is a time tracking software that allows individuals and organizations to monitor and track how their time is spent on various tasks and applications throughout the day. The program runs in the background and automatically records the user’s activity, including applications used, websites visited, documents opened and keystrokes. ManicTime Pro offers various features to help users monitor their time usage, such as the ability to view daily, weekly or monthly reports. when used in specific tasks, applications or projects. Users can create tags and categories in group tasks and track the time spent on the same tasks.

The app offers a time view that allows users to view their day in a chronological manner, showing their activity in blocks of time with color-coded sections for easy viewing. Additionally, ManicTime Pro integrates with other tools like Trello, Asana, and Jira, allowing users to track time spent on specific tasks within those apps. ManicTime Pro is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and offers pricing plans, including a free version with limited functionality and a Pro version with more advanced features. Overall, ManicTime Pro is an excellent tool for individuals and organizations looking to improve their time management and productivity by gaining insight into how they spend their time. .

ManicTime Pro Crack is a secure tool that allows you to save data collected on your computer. It is only on your computer and not shared with anyone else. Create detailed statistics and graphs showing the number of hours per day, as well as accounts, articles and popular applications. The generated reports can be exported as image files in the following formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF and TIF. This amazing tool has a user interface that allows all types of users to work smoothly. This allows you to send accurate progress reports, track employee performance and manage your time better than ever before.

ManicTime Pro is a reliable and useful program that allows you to track your work hours and monitor your computer usage. It is a smart program that automatically records your computer usage. It is used to remember which programs you used and for how long. In addition, it monitors the websites you visit and the files you create. It is a simple and effective application that allows you to send accurate progress reports, monitor the work of employees and manage your time more than ever before. Overall, ManicTime Pro is the best time tracking tool for your business to manage time, resources and information efficiently.

ManicTime Pro Free Download contains all the necessary information to function fully on your system, the download program includes all the latest and updated information, completely offline or offline ManicTime Pro Free Download for -corresponding variant of Windows, you will find link at the end of the installation. It is a useful tool that helps you manage your schedule and easily manage your time and computer tasks that you use regularly. With this tool, you can increase your productivity at work by simply monitoring your computer usage and creating a variety of statistics. The installation of

ManicTime can be easy and fast, and as soon as it is ready, it is received through a user-friendly interface that allows all kinds of people to work with him. The interface is divided into three tabs that allow you to navigate through all the actions in addition to the available options. The first tab allows you to see the tab and the list of all tasks and documents. With ManicTime you can create statistics and charts about the time of day, documents, tasks and the most used accounts. All images can be exported as PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF and GIF and many other image formats. Overall, ManicTime is a useful tool that helps you monitor your schedule in addition to your computer time.

ManicTime is an automatic time tracker for Windows PC that offers many useful features but is easy to use. Reduce time wastage and increase productivity now! Let ManicTime focus on time management so you can focus on your business. This allows you to monitor the work of your employees, send accurate progress reports and manage your time better than before. This type of software can help your company be more efficient in both internal employee affairs and external communications. Manic Time is the ultimate time tracking software to help your business manage time, resources and information better than ever before.

The best time management software designed for you

The ManicTime team is dedicated to creating great products that help you be more productive and productive for yourself and your business. ManicTime is designed for people who want to make their lives easier and companies who want to keep track of more employees and their productivity.

If you want to learn about the different features of ManicTime, check out our helpful video tutorials. We can go through some of the features of the software, including tracking project tasks, using schedules, using shortcuts for frequently noted tasks, other shortcuts, and how to provide information in busy and unproductive areas.

ManicTime was originally developed as a single user software, but has since evolved into a powerful time management software used in all organizations. Plus, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for the people who use it the most.

The ManicTime support staff has a request forum feature where users can discuss specific features they would like the ManicTime software to have. Other common requests include compatibility with different operating systems, notifications when a job has exceeded a set limit, and periodic pickup reminders. Our support team is active in the forum, participating and updating your help requests.

If you have any problems with the ManicTime software or other questions, the support staff is available and always ready to receive feedback that can be used to improve ManicTime. We are constantly working to make our products the best time management software for companies around the world, not just in the market.

What is ManicTime?

ManicTime is a time tracking software that you download to your computer. If you use ManicTime in your company, the license is per user, so you can download it on your internal server and install it on many computers. This control allows you to collect information about your company’s computer usage to determine where employees are spending their time, what projects they are working on and what applications they are accessing.

ManicTime can be used online and offline, making it easy to work from anywhere. Since ManicTime is hosted on your server or computer, you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being exposed due to a breach or hack. Unlike other time tracking software programs that store data in the cloud, data from ManicTime is stored locally.

In addition, ManicTime can be integrated with many software applications that you may already be using. This keeps all your important data in one place so you can continue to improve your business in a tangible way.

Is ManicTime safe?

ManicTime is PC monitoring software that increases the security and safety of your computer and your business. The application is free from the cloud, which means that no data stored online can be lost or stolen.

What is ManicTime EXE?

ManicTime automatically records your computer usage. You remember which programs you used and for how long. It also remembers which websites you visited and which documents you worked on.

Who Can Benefit From Maniac Time Tracking Software?

Time management software can be downloaded to your computer or you can choose to have it on your employee’s computer. Freelancers may find that using ManicTime increases their productivity. Research shows that we work better when we know we’re being watched, so ManicTime can help you stay on task and be productive.

Time tracking software is essential for businesses large and small, including freelancers, contract workers, and remote workers. If these employees are not in the same place as you or the rest of the team, it can be difficult to monitor their progress on large projects. Being able to hold all employees accountable for their work will help keep your business going.

ManicTime allows you to track the projects your employees or remote workers are working on, and more importantly, how much time they spend on that work. The management capabilities of the time tracking software tell you what each user did and if you are being paid the correct amount of work. Without computer tracking software, employees who don’t track their time at work can lose money. This feature is useful for payments and payments.

Tracking your professional’s free time keeps you updated on the work they’re working on, gives you detailed information about the work’s progress, and gives you the ability to send work to your clients to ensure that they are on the right track. they are the right way. Work. This reduces communication errors and helps avoid problems down the road.

Project managers and supervisors can benefit from using ManicTime. Whether you manage a specific department or manage multiple employees, ManicTime lets you see what employees are working on in real time. You can monitor your employees without looking over your shoulder and see that resources and employees should be used differently in certain situations. Best of all, the Reports Manic Time sends with data collected from your computer can be used to show clients the progress of their projects, send regular reports to their superiors, and show the success of -your team.

Highlights & Features:

Automatic monitoring

  • Simply stop the automatic use of the computer. You remember which programs you used and for how long. It also remembers which websites you visited and which documents you worked on. All this data will help you follow your work plan.


  • The information collected by ManicTime is stored on your device and is not sent anywhere. It is not shared with us or third parties and is only available on your computer.

Online jobs

  • This application is not a cloud-based service, but uses local storage, so all recorded data is stored on your computer. This means it works just as well without an internet connection.

Time management is required

  • All the data collected by the software is presented in an easy to understand interface. This will help you quickly see if you went to lunch and changed jobs. From now on, recorded times will be accurate and easy to follow.

A short letter

  • From the moment you log in, creating any type of report is easy. After creating the list, you can easily copy it into Excel or another tool and create an invoice.

Connect to other systems

  • It can be integrated with project-oriented systems such as Jira or GitHub. You can use the program to enter your working hours, then send a deadline to a case.

Company level reporting

  • Use the program in your organization or group. Manic Counter Server collects all the data and generates useful reports.

Automatic marking

  • Timer takes a lot of data and you can use this data to create tasks. For example, you could say that all Facebook activity is “spying” and all MS Word use is “work”.

Time is up

  • Controlling non-use is just as important as controlling computer usage. When you leave the computer, it is tracked as Away time. When you come back, you can make a note about what you did during Abs.

Time counts

  • Although ManicTime is great for automatic time tracking, you can use a watch to track your time.
  • There are many features of ManicTime software that are useful for large and small businesses operating in different industries. ManicTime’s features are customizable, making it easy to collect data that is unique to your business and relevant to you. You can change these settings at any time and upgrade ManicTime to grow and change according to your business needs.
  • ManicTime works online and offline. This helps freelancers or remote workers as they can work anywhere in the world regardless of their internet connection. Because computer tracking software is downloaded from a personal computer or internal business server, your work information is not easily accessible to third parties. ManicTime does not store any data it collects and no data is stored in the cloud, all data is stored on your local machine. This increases the security of your data and the security of your software.
  • ManicTime’s advanced tracking capabilities make it easy for your company to identify sources of system failure. If an insecure website or app is available, you will see this information on the ManicTime dashboard. If confidential data is exposed, ManicTime can help determine how it happened and mitigate the impact of the breach.
  • ManicTime will start tracking your time. This allows team leaders or supervisors to know exactly when their employees sit at their desks and start work in the morning. Sometimes employees may come to work but not start work until they have had their morning coffee and met their co-workers. Installing time tracking software on your computer allows the company to track employee attendance and pay for work done.
  • Additionally, time tracking software can help your business with payroll. ManicTime’s automated functionality gives you a real-time record of your team’s work, making it easy to ensure payment at the end of the payment period. This can be especially helpful if some or all of your employees are paid by the hour.
  • Using automated timekeeping software eliminates the possibility of an employee forgetting to turn on the software while at work. Later books can be more difficult to manage and some people may not remember to track their time and activities. This leads to payment errors and deadlines that employees cannot receive during work.
  • Automatic time tracking doesn’t mean you have to stop using the app manually. Users can start and stop when they need to take a break and switch between their tasks during the day. ManicTime users can prioritize specific projects and choose from an available list of projects, especially when working on longer projects.
  • ManicTime allows you to automatically capture the screenshots it takes and record them for its custom reports. This gives you an opportunity to explain what you’re working on, what stage your project is at, and why it’s important. This can be very useful for communicating the status of projects in your organization and also for updating clients who ask how their work is going. Scheduling automation makes it easier for team managers, managers, or customers to know what to expect, increasing the value of time management software.
  • ManicTime collects information related to computer usage. Initially, ManicTime records the websites you visit, which programs you use, and how much time you spend on specific projects during the day. Users can access ManicTime reports on demand and customize this platform to suit their goals. These regular reports show you what your team is spending their time on, what projects are being completed, and where your business structure needs to change to make things work better.
  • In addition, time management software can be integrated with various software applications that you can use in your daily work. From accounting software to Excel, you can integrate ManicTime with your existing applications to create software that works together seamlessly.
  • Any business that uses computers will benefit from the use of time tracking software. Regardless of the industry you operate in, your business can stay ahead of the competition with these software solutions. ManicTime helps you improve productivity, productivity and your overall work environment.


ManicTime Pro License Key

ManicTime Pro Registration Key

What’s New?

  • Attempting to connect to the Money time server on a machine with a “machine name” containing Unicode characters sometimes resulted in a bad request (400).
  • Bugfix: Socket plugin stopped working in previous versions
  • In the Jira and Fresh books plugins
  • Bugfix: Portable version crashed when running on more than 5 machines
  • If it does not show the device name, add the program from the server.
  • Now sometimes ManicTime will not open the data connection after sleep.
  • Screenshots now render .png images at 100% resolution and resolution when .jpg is specified.

ManicTime Pro License Key:





ManicTime Pro Serial Key:






ManicTime Pro Registration Key:





ManicTime Pro Technical Details:

  • Software Full Name: ManicTime Pro Multilingual x64
  • Setup File Name: Softprober.com_ManicTime_Pro_5.1.4.1_64.rar
  • Full Setup Size: 80.6 MB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatibility Architecture: 64 Bit (x64)
  • Developers: Homepage

System Requirements for ManicTime Pro:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 250 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.

How to Download ManicTime Pro Crack?

  1. First, Download the ManicTime Pro Crack from the given link below.
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  3. Note Turn off the Virus Guard.
  4. After that, extract the file and open the setup.
  5. Install the setup. After that, close it.
  6. In the end, open the ‘Crack’ or ‘Patch’ file, and copy and paste it into the installation directory.
  7. Use the key to activate it and enjoy it.
  8. Thanks For Downloading


ManicTime Pro Crack is a software tool specially designed to help people increase their productivity during working hours by monitoring their computer usage and generating tons of data. After completing the installation process, ManicTime Professional Crack welcomes you with a user-friendly interface that allows everyone to work together without problems.

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